At Small Data Garden, we power the IoT with the most elegant simple communication solutions.

Small Data Garden Ltd. is a Finnish company developing, manufacturing and delivering multifunctional IoT sensor platform solutions. IOTSU® products and services are designed, assembled, tested, and maintained in Finland.

IOTSU® product families — Air Quality, Location and Motion — are designed for our customers in various business fields such as housing and real estate management, logistics and transportation tracking, and in many other industrial applications. IOTSU® Cloud is a perfect solution to effortlessly visualize and compare the data collected by various sensors. Our IOTSU® solutions are designed with reliability, long lifetime, and best in class antenna technology in mind.

Our expertise ensures the right solutions for the right use and the best combability of the equipment, applications and network connections. We have a fast-growing, multidisciplinary team of professionals with decades of technical and commercial expertise.

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